Terms and Conditions

The Customer shall pay to the Service Provider the Subscription Fee in the amount and for the duration that the Customer has entered and agreed to pursuant to the Pricing page for this Agreement.
The initial 12 month Subscription Fee shall be due on execution of this Agreement. Thereafter, the Customer shall make a once-yearly payment of the prevailing annual Subscription Fee, to be paid every 12 months on the anniversary date of this Agreement, unless either party timely notifies the other party of its intent not to renew this Agreement. The Customer may upgrade, downgrade or cancel their subscription at any time, but Subscription Fees paid are not refundable, unless within the first 21 days of this agreement being executed. The Service Provider may, at its own discretion, run promotions that reduce or waive the Subscription Fee.
The Customer shall pay all fees specified and any applicable additional fees if the Customer selects an upgrade to their subscription. Except as otherwise specified herein fees are payable in Australian dollars, based on Services purchased, regardless of usage, and fees paid are non-refundable.
Subscription Fees means the recurring fee paid to the Service Provider as compensation for continued use of the Software. The Subscription Fee will remain fixed during the initial term of the Customer’s subscription unless the Customer upgrades products or base packages or subscribes to additional features or products, including additional Storage and Team Accounts. Should the Service Provider amend the Subscription Fee during a term for which the Customer has paid, the amended Subscription Fee will apply to the Customer from the Customer’s next renewal date.
The refund period commences at the time of the Customer’s initial subscription and first payment and is available for a duration of 21 days. The Customer may cancel their subscription and receive a full refund within the refund period by completing an online form. The refund will be processed within 21 days from completion of the online form.
At any time, the Service Provider may make changes and updates to the service. The Service Provider does not need to provide any notice to the Customer but may provide notice if it is determined there may be a significant impact on the Customer.


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